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The more we get together, the happier we'll be! Travel is a way of life. It exposes us to things that are unbelievable and yet right in front of our faces. It lets us experience other cultures and take part in daily routines and lives so foreign and yet so fascinating. It inspires us in ways we never thought possible. At Affinity, we firmly believe if everyone traveled to other lands, it would change the way we live in this one. Where do you want your next adventure to be?

The More We Get Together 2021 - The OG

The more we get together, the happier we'll be! 'Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends, so invite your friends and join us in the Cancun area October 30 through November 6 (or any dates within that timeframe)! We will celebrate El Dia de los Muertos with the locals and participate in some unique, immersive experiences!

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Papi's Mexicano Presents Tacos & Tequila

Join Marcos Valdes January 3-8 as we board the Norwegian Joy and head toward sunny Mexico! There we will have an authentic experience from Veracruz, the home state of Papi (Marcos). We will enjoy food, drink and entertainment from the region while in Cozumel and have other group fun both on and off ship! Everyone welcome!


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Papi's Palomar Presents Papi's Homecoming May 19-24, 2022

Join us as we explore the heritage and roots of Marcos Valdes and family, the genesis of his delicious recipes and success of his restaurants in Veracruz Mexico May 19-24, 2022! We will enjoy Grand Fiesta Americana Veracruz and then set out on culinary adventures. We will immerse ourselves in the culinary culture by visiting independent restaurants and participating in authentic culinary experiences. This is a can't miss!


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