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The more we get together, the happier we'll be! Travel is a way of life. It exposes us to things that are unbelievable and yet right in front of our faces. It lets us experience other cultures and take part in daily routines and lives so foreign and yet so fascinating. It inspires us in ways we never thought possible. At Affinity, we firmly believe if everyone traveled to other lands, it would change the way we live in this one. Where do you want your next adventure to be?

The More We Get Together Resilient Edition

The more we get together, the happier we'll be! 'Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends, so invite your friends and join us in 2022 aboard the New Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady!

We sailed her sister ship, Scarlet Lady in 2021 and wow! She's a beauty! Now we want to explore Resilient Lady with you! Remember as a kid playing the original Donkey Kong or Space Invaders? They are included on Resilient Lady! Remember the teeter totter built for four? There are TWO on the Resilient Lady? Like a Korean Barbecue complete with a drinking game? How about a vegetarian forward restaurant with a "secret naughty menu" for the carnivore in you? How about a bourbon collection to rival a Lexington bourbon bar? Resilient Lady has it all!

And this is not your average Caribbean itinerary!! We'll leave from San Juan, Puerto Rico at 10:00pm so you have all day to explore this gorgeous city (and the food there...wow!)

December 1 -  San Juan optional precruise day

December 2 - San Juan optional precruise day

Casa Bacardi Mixology Class - In this fun and interactive class, you will learn how to creagte the perfect mojito and shaken pina colada while learning about the history of these cocktails as well as some cool bar tricks and skills.

December 3 - Depart San Juan 10:00pm

Optional - Beyond the picturesque beaches and pastel-lined streets, Puerto Rico’s capital is perfectly located to easily access the geographic diversity of this gorgeous island.

December 4 - Day at sea

Optional - Group Grog Walk

December 5- Oranjestad Aruba


Known as "One Happy Island," Aruba is the home to  electric-colored architecture, uncrowded beaches and crystal Clear water perfect for a diving glimpse of their famed shipwrecks and marine life.

December 6 - Willemstad Curacao


A little piece of Europe at the edge of the Caribbean, Curacao delivers a delightful Dutch vibe with the picturesque weather, pristine beaches and relaxing essence that comes with island life!

December 7 - Day at Sea

Optional - Shot 4 Shot

December 8 - Fort de France, Martinique


An island rich in contrasts, Martinique mixes quiet moments on quaint beaches or atop dramatic mountains with cultural vibrancy of Fort de France!

December 9 - Basseterre, St Kitts


From rum tastings and beach hangs to rainforest explorations and catamarans to Nevis, the capital of St Kitts revolves around good living and even better chat!

December 10 - San Juan, PR

Disembarkation 7:30am-10:45am

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Cabins, Inclusions and Experience!

All cruise fares include gratuities, basic wifi, access to over 20 eateries, basic bevvies (soft drinks, non-pressed juices, drip coffees, etc), and group workouts, over $600 in value!

All pricing is for double or single occupancy though a few cabins do allow for tripe or quad. Any fare paid in full by six months out will receive a 10% discount!

Sea Terrace - $2,674 includes $100 in sailor loot (aka onboard credit)

XL Sea Terrace - $2,874 includes a larger bathroom and $100 in sailor loot

Rockstar Seriously Suite - $3,834 includes $200 in sailor loot

The Seriously suite includes a rock start agent, a fully stocked in cabin bar, access to Richard's Rooftop, early booking and priority access to restaurants.

Other cabin types may be available upon request.

Inspired by the modern luxury of yachting and the romance of the open ocean, Virgin Voyages has created their very own boutique hotel at sea!

To start, food glorious food is a star of this brand! In partnering with famed restauranteurs and Michelion-Starred chefs from NYC, they've ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring you made-to-order food and leisurely brunches from 20+ unique eateries. All food is included...no "specialty dining" charges! Dine on churrasco steak and lemon cheesecake at The Wake, mezze-style bites and glasses of rose in the open air of The Dock or get your crew together for a lively Korean BBQ free-for-all at Gunbae - all with views of the waves. No stuffiness, just premium service and endless options...all included! Virgin has elevated and diversified their menus while minimizing waste by only cooking what has been ordered. It's a win for your and a win for the planet!

Entertainment is king on a Virgin ship! Swapping classic Broadway production for exhilirating comtemporary and immersive entertainment, you have the opportunity to choose from a festival-like lineup of shows and happenings. Shows have been developed by the world's most talked about producers, directors, choreographers and artists...who happen to be members of Creative Collective. Though everyone may not like all of the shows, there is a show for everyone!

A Dose of Vitamin Sea! For the "do-nothings," the "do somethings" and the "do everythings," the Virgin approach to well-being is to do whatever works best for you. With free group workouts and outdoor fitness spaces (the first of its kiknd on the open ocean), Virgin is redefining how to take care of yourself at sea...detox and retox they say!

Adult by Design

This holiday is just for those 18 and over. With elevated experiences curated with adults in mind, Virgin has created a place where only your inner child will be roaming free!

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Virgin didn't just build a cruise, they set out to create a revolutionary way to explore the world! From longer stays and overnights at ports to diverse entertainment and dining experiences, you'll never want to sail any other way. 

So join us and set sail the Virgin way!



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